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Contract Ice

Contracted ice runs for the season which begins after Labor Day and ends in June. (Typically the week before July 4th.) Depending on the day of the week and where holidays fall throughout the year, there are usually about 38-42 occurrences of each session. To simplify billing, the Club divides the total annual ice bill into ten (10) even installments. We've included our ice billing chart and examples that help explain how billing works.

Example 1: Skater A chooses to skate the Monday 3:10 Session and the Thursday 5:45 Session.  With only two sessions, the skater does not qualify for a discount; this skater is billed using the pricing under the CONTRACT BILLING (green column).  The skater is billed $136 ($69.70+$66.30) each month for 10 months (September - June).

Example 2:  Skater B chooses to skate FIVE (5) sessions and qualifies for a discount of $1 off each session.  This skater selects the Monday 3:10, Monday 4:10, Tuesday 4:50 and Tuesday 5:50 and Thursday 5:45.  The skater's monthly invoice will show the CONTRACT price (green column) for each session and then a total of all the discounts for those sessions (yellow column) which for this skater would be a total discount of $20.50 ($4.10+4.10+4.20+4.20+3.90).

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