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Hiring a Private Coach

There are many reasons why your family might want to hire a private coach: to excel at a faster pace than in group lessons, to supplement your group lessons with an occasional private one, to get assistance on a difficult skill or to begin competing more seriously.

Private lessons are arranged between the skater (or a parent/guardian of the skater) and a coach. Rates are individually set by each coach and are often based on qualifications, knowledge and experience. Fees for private lessons are paid directly to the coaches. The Club is not involved in the billing or collection of private lesson fees. Fees for ice sessions/classes are in addition to private lesson fees. A list of Club Coaches with contact information and credentials can be found on our website.


It may be helpful to find two or three potential coaches from the list and set up face-to- face meetings. A meeting gives you a chance to ask important questions and to find out how you and your child interact on a personal level with the prospective coach. Things to consider when selecting a coach are personality, learning and teaching styles, experience and technical know- how. This Hiring a Private Coach Guide can assist you what to ask during a meeting and what to consider when making your choice.  Finally, you may want to consider doing a couple of trial lessons. This will give you and your skater a feel for the personality and style of each coach.

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